Early Childhood Australia National Conference 2016

Conference Themes


This is childhood celebrates the capability, strengths and joy of children and childhood in Australia now.

At the 2016 Early Childhood Australia National Conference share a vision that places childhood at the centre of practice and pedagogy for the early years. This is childhood in Australia. The thriving, complex, beautiful Top End, has the highest proportion of children in the population than in any other part of Australia. Come and learn in the place that fuses diverse Australian childhoods, where capital city and urban meet remote and regional. Venture into new territory that brings culturally diverse perspectives, evidence-based practice, traditions and new thinking together. Connect with colleagues, share and consider early childhood teaching and learning through practical, theoretical and reflective lenses. 

This is childhood. Darwin. Northern Territory. 5-8 October 2016. 

Inspire be inspired to reach beyond quality

Light a spark. This theme will inspire, challenge and provoke new aspirations and innovation. Learn and reflect with peers and leaders to discover new pathways and expand ways of thinking and knowing. This theme will invite dialogue and foster inquiry. We will reach beyond current constructs of quality and explore the potential for excellence in pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments.

Imaginethe future

When imagination meets evidence, practice and pedagogy are transformed. This lively theme will be hands-on, interactive and accessible. So come prepared to unleash your imagination on the possibilities for new ideas and the evidence-base on topics as wide-ranging as the arts, environments, literacies, numeracies, technologies, science, assessment and curriculum planning.

Createstrong communities

Strong connections and lively collaborations are at the heart of practice and pedagogy in the early years for all children and families.  Partnerships, practice and research come together as this theme traces the powerful relationships between professionals, communities, families and children.  Explore the secret to building strong communities and families. Experience and learn from the deep strength that comes from acknowledging and valuing Indigenous, ethnic and cultural perspectives.

Discoveryour potential

Every early childhood educator is a leader. New and experienced leaders will explore what it means to be a leader. Where do roles, responsibility and educational leadership intersect? How do ‘leaders lead’ in service management and community engagement? In this theme add to your leaders’ toolkit with topics on personal and positional leadership, communication styles, effective partnerships and where accountability, performance, change management, advocacy and ethics fit.